Election 2010

One Slurpee Nation: We CAN all get along with Slurpee mustaches, purple tongues.

Got Slurpee? Perhaps the billboard will feature celebrities and politicians sporting a purple version of the famous milk mustache campaign. Within hours of the 'Slurpee Summit' buzz, McDonald's had a full-blown advertising campaign rolling. As for the actual summit between President Obama and John Boehner, the newly elected Boehner is no peaceful pushover, ... Full Article & Video

Video: Daily Show panel on how Democrats will Fkup Delaware’s Nutcake Christine O’Donnell win

Jon Stewart moderates the panel of Senior Political Consultants Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones and John Oliver who explain the various ways the Democrats will screw up even wining Delaware come November 2nd. Brings to mind my favorite quote from way back in my Military days... Soldier, you'd fkup a steel ball.  The Daily Show With ... Full Article & Video