Election 2012

Mitt Romney Likes Music, Including This!

Mitt Romney likes music, including this!

Mitt Romney is the candidate with the highest like-ability in the history of The United States. His ability to like was off the charts: lakes, trees, cars, grits, humor, jokes, & music of almost any kind, including this. As his star rises again, with an invitation to CPAC, and we belatedly wish him a happy ... Full Article & Video

The Romney Family Sings The Dirty Low-Down Post Election Blues

Disappointed and bitter Romney family sings the dirty low-down post election blues

I suspect that printed rumors about the Romney clan spending Thanksgiving eating take-out from Boston Market are true. Varying from celebrations in happier years, the clan preferred to gather out of the treatments for vitiligopublic eye in the bosom of immediate family.  Here, they were safe to wallow in their sadness with only invited guests, ... Full Article & Video

Simpsons PSA: Mr Burns Explains The Fiscal Cliff & Why Billionaires Are Most Important

Mr. Burns from The Simpsons explains the Financial Cliff to poor people. Animated Simpsons video also explains Mr Burns immigration policy and why the rich are finer, more sensitive and just better than we are.

Let the begrudging acceptance phase of healing begin...If  and when  Smithers can prove to Burns that Romney really, truly lost the election!    Good things did come of the election. For example:  Springfield's Republican Headquarters now bears a sign..."Rape NOW Bad."  Baby steps people, with baby steps they will evolve.  However, if you're buy tadalafil ... Full Article & Video

Letterman: Top Ten Reasons Romney Lost, Including Christians & White Folks

David Letterman Top Ten Romney scapegoats. Why Romney

As someone who was prepared to become the leader of this country, surely Mitt Romney has analyzed every detail of his campaign, and is fully taking sole responsibility for for his loss. Correction...The Christians and white people who did not go out and vote share the responsibility. Otherwise, Romney's shoulders are broad enough to carry ... Full Article & Video

Lipstick Liberal: Republican Voter Post Election Alert! Racism Related Illness Warning

Lipstick Liberal diagnoses conservative illness, ALR or A Little Racist. Symptoms include watching Fox News, and belief in magic thinking and underwear, and disbelief in science and math.

Lipstick Liberal has spotted  a growing syndrome among conservative Americans. Called A.L.R. - the disease can be  diagnosed by answering a few simple questions.  Like other addiction-related problems, healing can only begin when the sufferer admits that there is a problem and recognizes the signs in him or herself.  One of the many signs of ... Full Article & Video

Tea Party Report Susie Sampson: Thanksgiving Immigration and Why Love/Hate Romney?

Tea Party Report Humor: Susie Sampson talks to people on the street about why Romney lost, where did the Indians immigrate from, and what are we really celebrating on Thanksgiving?

Intrepid Susie Sampson sallies forth again,to take the chilly post election temperature of the man (and woman) on the street. Republicans continue to wonder how Romney could have lost - after all, they took precautions! Their bizarre reasons for liking The Mitt are only surpassed by their oddball criticism and suspicions of President Obama.   In' ... Full Article & Video