Key & Peele Texting Miscommunication

Key & Peele Texting Miscommunication

Texting is such a convenient form of communication. It's astonishing to realize how many ordinary conversations and activities have been revolutionized by the ability to click on a few letters and push 'send.' You needn't speak to one another...Which is more impersonal than an answering machine, and it matters not Full Article & Video

The Pros and Cons of Joining Ello Jimmy Fallon

The Pros and Cons of Joining Ello  Jimmy Fallon

A new social network called Ello has recently launched, and Jimmy Fallon weighs in on the pros and the cons of belonging to 'The anonymous Facebook'- assuming you are asked to join the invitation-only group. The exclusivity certainly weeds out loners, cat ladies and unpopular trolls who've worn out their Full Article & Video

Hilarious Apple Watch Parody

Hilarious Apple Watch Parody

Do you hear the buzz? It's the Apple Watch roll out! Once you've seen this mock ad by comedian Jack Douglas, you'll throw your stylish Google glasses to the floor, grind them to shards and spit on them! Hmm...Maybe Apple had to create a watch, because Google beat them to Full Article & Video

Fun With Net Neutrality by Jimmy Kimmel

Fun With Net Neutrality Jimmy Kimmel

If - like me, you missed "Internet Slowdown" day Wednesday, it's not too late. Jimmy Kimmel explains - rather demonstrates what is at risk in a unique and unforgettable manner - and he does it in under three minutes!  We often hear the words 'net neutrality', but it sounds so Full Article & Video

Mad Men office secretary 2014, FOD

mad men secretary 2014

What is it about the MAD MEN women dressed so retro but being so much hotter than women today? It is just the actresses who play the parts? Or perhaps the parts themselves? They missed a big one on this parody that I actually witnessed some years ago when I was Full Article & Video