At Midnight: Comedians Aid Anonymous in KKK Hack

At Midnight: Comedians Offer Hilarious Help for Anonymous Hack Attack on KKK over Ferguson

  In a brief segment from the Comedy Central show 'At Midnight' hosted by Chris Hardwick, comedians Keegan Michael Key. Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel take on the topic "Insane Klan Posse." Their mission is to quickly devise  more diabolical ways for Anonymous to Harass the Klan, now that they have hacked their Twitter page - Full Article & Video

Amazon Echo Home Invasion, Hello Dave

Amazon Echo, Hello Dave

The Amazon Echo, brought to you and sponsored by the NSA! Seriously though, BROUGHT TO YOU AND SPONSORED BY THE NSA! The first flaw that I see is that you have to take it with you room to room and plug it in each time.  It needs remote microphones. And how hard is it to connect Full Article & Video

Last Week Tonight John Oliver: Home Depot Commercial

Last Week Tonight John Oliver: Home Depot Commercial

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver breaks the news that Lowe's is making your science fiction nightmares come true. The home improvement chain is employing robots this holiday season. Presumably these are 'bots who just need to pick up a little holiday cash.  John questions whether robots can provide the most vital customer service of ... Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert talks cars with Neil Young

Neil Young talks cars with Stephen Colbert

Frack You Republicans What a surprise to see Neil Young go head to head with Stephen Colbert and do a better job than anyone I can remember. Hear! Here! The most mind numbing fact I have come across of late was from Bill Maher a couple weeks ago. One half the wildlife on Earth has disappeared Full Article & Video

Key & Peele Texting Miscommunication

Key & Peele Texting Miscommunication

Texting is such a convenient form of communication. It's astonishing to realize how many ordinary conversations and activities have been revolutionized by the ability to click on a few letters and push 'send.' You needn't speak to one another...Which is more impersonal than an answering machine, and it matters not if the recipient doesn't pick ... Full Article & Video

The Pros and Cons of Joining Ello Jimmy Fallon

The Pros and Cons of Joining Ello  Jimmy Fallon

A new social network called Ello has recently launched, and Jimmy Fallon weighs in on the pros and the cons of belonging to 'The anonymous Facebook'- assuming you are asked to join the invitation-only group. The exclusivity certainly weeds out loners, cat ladies and unpopular trolls who've worn out their welcome on political forums. Ello ... Full Article & Video

Wave Hoax: Speed Charge Your iPhone 6 in Microwave!

Wave Hoax: Speed Charge Your iPhone 6 in Microwave!

An internet hoax called the Wave, convinces  people to place their $500 dollar iPhone 6 in the microwave, effectively reducing both machines to smoking rubble.  The well designed hoax, which only appears to be from Apple, defies common sense and reads In part: "Wave is our latest and greatest addition to iOS8. Wave allows your device Full Article & Video

Hilarious Apple Watch Parody

Hilarious Apple Watch Parody

Do you hear the buzz? It's the Apple Watch roll out! Once you've seen this mock ad by comedian Jack Douglas, you'll throw your stylish Google glasses to the floor, grind them to shards and spit on them! Hmm...Maybe Apple had to create a watch, because Google beat them to glasses? Watch for Google earrings ... Full Article & Video

Acer Computers 2014 Keynote Gala & Roll Out! Conan O’brien

Acer Computers 2014 Keynote Gala & Roll Out! Conan O

Apple isn't the only technology company introducing cutting-edge new products this week; see the crowd go wild at Acer's big announcement!  Head on down to the Best Western, where they have a free continental breakfast! Your expense account will thank you later <wink, wink> . Get ready for edge-of-your-seat thrills with two, yes two ventriloquists!  ... Full Article & Video

Fun With Net Neutrality by Jimmy Kimmel

Fun With Net Neutrality Jimmy Kimmel

If - like me, you missed "Internet Slowdown" day Wednesday, it's not too late. Jimmy Kimmel explains - rather demonstrates what is at risk in a unique and unforgettable manner - and he does it in under three minutes!  We often hear the words 'net neutrality', but it sounds so complicated that we  ignore the ... Full Article & Video

California severe f**king drought

California severe f**king drought

Flush the poo but not the pee! So how does a severe f**king drought affect you? Technology will solve all our problems, it has in the past and will in the future. So all we need is an easy cheap way to take salt out of sea water. And then take enough out to compensate for Full Article & Video

Mad Men office secretary 2014, FOD

mad men secretary 2014

What is it about the MAD MEN women dressed so retro but being so much hotter than women today? It is just the actresses who play the parts? Or perhaps the parts themselves? They missed a big one on this parody that I actually witnessed some years ago when I was doing computer consulting. Putting the Full Article & Video