Texas politcs

Texas Textbooks from dummies

Texas Text books from dummies

Well they are at again. This time rather than science it's social studies. The Texas Board of Education no longer has as many dummies as it did a few years ago, but enough to do what they can to try and make Texas children as stupid as they are. The Civil War was not about ... Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart makes fool of Rick Perry again

RIck Perry cowboy

"Austin is the blueberry in the bowl of tomato soup of what is Texas." Rick Perry Here in Texas Democrat candidate for Governor Wendy Davis has yet to mention the Rick Perry felony indictment on the campaign trail. Or abortion, or unions, or even birth control for that matter. What pink tennies? Wendy Davis is also Full Article & Video

Common Core for Dummies, Beeler cartoon

Common Core for Dummies

The first thing to keep in mind about COMMON CORE is that it is only about math and reading; not evolution, politics, global warming, science or multiculturalism. The second thing to remember is there is one name attached to COMMON CORE more than any other, Bill Gates. It's sponsors also include the national Chamber of Commerce, Full Article & Video