True Stories

I Bought my Wife a Lexus for Christmas

red bow butt

As you will recall, last Christmas after sitting in the den with my wife watching TV for the months leading up to the big day, I, like any good American husband could not brush off the onslaught of watching other good American men buying big African diamonds for their wives. Everytime one of those ads ... Full Article & Video

Republicans on Vacation- A short Story

Republicans on Vacation The climb up the Temple of the Sun was wearying, and hot. The Chiapas sun had finally burned through the hanging mist on the East side of the mountain leaving the Runias de Palenque speckled with the bright clothing of visitors from the world over. They dotted the stairways and promenades contrasting pleasingly Full Article & Video

Texas Sales Call, Guns at Work

Texas Guns

"I was astounded to read these courageous remarks by Charlton Heston. I am thankful to hear a man with such high esteem say essentially the same things for which I have been reviled by the liberal media. His words should be reproduced and put into the hands of every American." NRA member David Duke, former ... Full Article & Video

Racism, What’s it Get You?

It was late on a Sunday night. Rack sat in his newly remodeled office/garage watching the Iraq War on TV as the media and the American people wallowed in ecstasy with every bomb released when he saw headlights flash against the house wall. Who it could be so late was soon answered as the patio ... Full Article & Video