Bubba & Me

I Turned off CNN because of Lou Dobbs

evil lou dobbs[I only watch cable news in the office, in the background during the day]Bubba is always giving me a hard time about watching Communist Cable News (CNN). Bubba of course watches only FOX News Network.  He is especially happy about our local affiliate Fox Channel now doing a live full hour of local news three times Full Article & Video

Damn Mexicans!

Bubba called today to squawk about Mexicans. I have to give it to Bubba, he is honest enough to not waste words differentiating their legality, Mexicans are Mexicans who should all be living in Mexico. Since Lou Dobbs went ballistic on this issue, Bubba now switches channels from his default FOX NEWS to watch ... Full Article & Video

Damn Liberals!

Here in Houston Juan Quintero got out of his handcuffs in the back of a police car, pulled a gun out of his waistband, and shot and killed Officer Rodney Johnson and Bubba is mad as Hell! No phone call this time, instead a hard knock on the door. Juan it seems, was not only ... Full Article & Video

God is Dead

“God is dead.” That was Bubba’s eulogy when we had him over for dinner the other night. After his third wife left him, he hasn’t been eating well and Flower has been having him over often. “You mean Freidman, Bubba?” “Of course, the God of Economics. What a sad day, we will never be the ... Full Article & Video

Election Night I

Bubba and Me got together down at Mullet’s Bait to watch the election returns. We tipped the cheapest beer on Redneck Bay, mingling with the cheapest people on Redneck Bay. Our first shouting match concerned which channel we would watch. “Mullet! Put that TV on FOX would ya, and have a beer on me.” “FOX ... Full Article & Video

Election Night II

As the evening waned with the writing on the wall, Bubba fell into a depressing chugging funk while Okra rose to a state of Christian malice. After all, she ran the local Rick Santorum For President Exploratory Committee. Her dreams were being dashed. “Every vote for a Democrat is a vote for the enemies of ... Full Article & Video

Election Night III

As election night wore on, Bubba drank, Okra burned and no matter how hard he tried, Rack could stop grinning, which only made matters worse. What a turnaround from the election night two years earlier they had shared together.“Well Okra, cheer up, it’s not the end of your American Taliban Movement, this is just a ... Full Article & Video

Death Before Taxes

I went over to Bubba’s last night for BBQ and had to suffer through an hour of Bill O’Reilly. A full straight hour of anything on FOX NEWS is not easy for a person of mind. But I did learn that the main topic of the Bill O’Reilly Show is - no surprise - Bill ... Full Article & Video

The Only Good Liberal is a Dead Liberal

There are endless examples of Rush Limbaugh opening up the darkness inherent in the conservative heart for all to see. His rise to syndication was due to the notoriety he gained in Sacramento where he would read off the names of men who died of AIDS and hit the applause button. There is the giddy ... Full Article & Video

Gamblin’ on Kinky

As Bubba and I finished watching the Texas Gubernatorial debate, he recanted on his recent promise to pull a straight Democratic ticket come election day.  Kinky Freidman had won him over,  running as an Independent, Bubba will have to push each lever separately. Quite a complicated process for a redneck who has been pulling straight Republican Full Article & Video

Turncoat Bubba

Just got a call from Bubba, he said he had something important to tell me, a nice surprise he added. It was my turn to go to his house which wasn’t far and in the same general white area I reside in. He had the garage door open and was drinking a beer knocking balls ... Full Article & Video

Damn Queers!

I invited Bubba over for a beer to watch the hummingbirds on my new jungle patio. So jungle it is, that I often find myself breaking out in high pitched jungle noises to add to the ambience. After we had downed more than a few beers watching their shenanigans, we remaned them “Little Bastards” watching ... Full Article & Video

Immutable Cause

Is Conservatism Genetic? Many years ago when this was all in a print newsletter called The Journal of Hard Response, I put my tongue in cheek and wrote a piece linked above. The other day I happened upon several articles that cited studies which gave that old article some degree of gravitas. Of the many ... Full Article & Video

Texas Ice House XI

From the Oval Office through the vast red majority of our hinterlands, the driving force of American Christianity has purposefully removed the blessedness of the peacemakers, the inheritance of the meek, the compassion for the outcast, the first stone throwers, the cheek turning, the money changing, the eye of the needle and universal forgiveness in ... Full Article & Video

Texas Ice House X

On my way to Jesus' Ice House to meet Bubba for the first presidential debate between George Bush and John Kerry I became ensnarled in a dead stop traffic jam. Living between two lakes meant at least a half hour roundabout trip to my date which was less than a mile head. I got out ... Full Article & Video