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Bill Maher and the Pope Twitter Wars

Pope Twiter war with Bill Maher

It's hard not to like Pope Francis.  He says all the right things.  Which is nice.  But please, what has he done? The most important issue to humanities' existence is the ecological destruction of the Earth. Which is exclusively the fault of over population.  And until this guy in the Vatican addresses that issue in a Full Article & Video

What’s Scarier than Halloween? The Bible!


America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, knows that Halloween’s pagan gore can’t match the scary, spooky Bible when it comes to the truly horrifying. That's why it's appropriate that this year her neighborhood is 'taking Halloween back - for Christ.' Christ has been heard to mutter, 'they really shouldn't have.' Betty is doing her part to Full Article & Video

Religion, a wolf in sheep clothing

Religion, a wolf in sheep clothing

Of course this cartoon came from Australia, this kind of thing is not allowed in our mainstream press. Down here in Dumbutt, Texas we have a big religious brouhaha going on. A cadre of anti-gay Houston preachers tried to stop a city ordinance giving gay and transgender people equal access to city functions by trying to Full Article & Video