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Arming Muslim rebels Catch 22

arming muslim rebels catch 22

It's seems no matter which group we choose, they are going to be fundamentalist religious believers who have little if any problems with beheadings, public executions, stoning women, lopping off body parts, crawling on their knees five times a day, going to Heaven for killing infidels, keeping women in black Full Article & Video

War TV war TV war fear TV

Fear, TV and war

The ultimate was Sunday morning on Fox Sunday with Republican Senator Lindsay Graham saying... “This president has to act now in this terrorist war or we will all be killed back here at home.” Crazy Senator Lindsay Graham today. And the end of the song should be changed from THE Full Article & Video

President Obama on how he will degrade ISIL

Obama degrades ISIL These guys [ISIL] are barbarians, they don't wash their hands after using the restroom. I can't recall any presidential impersonator who captures both the voice and appearance as this comedian, Reggie Brown. The politics are moving fast and strong. Since the first beheading the polls are showing a surge Full Article & Video