Dog balances food on his head

dog balance food on head

Get your cat to do this!  Get your cat to do anything you want for that matter. Cats are libertarians. I would guess dogs are liberals.  Republicans are... I can tell you how to get your dog to do this balancing act in just a few days. While watching TV Full Article & Video

New Rules Bill Maher, Vacations! August 1 2014

New Rules Bill Maher

So the most Christian, the most capitalist industrialized nation on Earth is only the 17th happiest? With all those non religious pinko socialist countries ahead of us in the happy index. Why is that? Is it just their long vacations? Health care for everyone? A society without guns? No executions. Full Article & Video

420 picture collage, FOD

420 picture collage

420 - watch more funny videos I have taken note of a few failures with legalization in Colorado and Washington. First is in Colorado baking it into candy that children are attracted to and getting their hands on and the rising number hospitals having to deal with adults who ingested Full Article & Video

Kenzie dancing with Dad, Youtube

Kenzi dancing with dad

If you can get through this without tearing up you are either a Republican or a Libertarian. "Our daughter McKenzie is 12 years old and she suffers from a mitochondrial disease which is life threatening. There is no known cure for this terrible disease. She was diagnosed when she was Full Article & Video

Hallmark’s Gun Violence Sympathy Cards UCB Comedy


With senseless shootings now as common as birthdays, Hallmark is forced to make cards for a fast growing segment of the population, victims of gun violence their families and their communities. What strikes me most about this video commentary on our escalating violence is the outspoken vitriol in the comments Full Article & Video

This Week in Weed, from the Weed Network

weed network

Who would of thought that the WEED NETWORK  would be concerned with funny weed videos? So what product tops the laugh index? Heroin? Guns? Beer? Healthcare? Or Weed? What is pot good for anyway? What does pot enhance other than the zoo, the art museum, the regular museum, music, concerts, writing Full Article & Video