Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

One of the strangest parts of the recent Miss America pageant was the “Fun Facts” feature that popped up on-screen. Jimmy shares some of his favorites from the show.  In past Miss America competitions, unintentional entertainment cropped up in the form of odd talent performances, costume fails and the occasional Full Article & Video

Ellen does Anaconda Booty Dance!

ellen anaconda booty dance

I often wonder if it was not Ellen who more than anyone helped turn this country around on gay rights. Always UP, always HAPPY, always FUN, always FUNNY, always NICE, always KIND and so on. Watching her show is always a pleasant and uplifting experience... I am told. Another person Full Article & Video

Scissorshand Bloody Dick Cheney

Bloody Dick Cheney

Why would anyone listen to Dick Cheney, or William Kristol for that matter? No two people have ever been more wrong about so much than these two war mongers. Or John McCain and Lindsay Graham... We would have boots on the ground in 4 or 5 wars if they had Full Article & Video