Stoner Santa Claus peed on the couch

Stoner Santa pees on couch

Oops.  It's not smoking weed that makes you pee your pants, it's beer.  So, oh no, that isn't pee after all!  Oh no!  What caused that. Elf porn.  Let me Google that. Oh no! The good news is it's mostly all anime, the bad news is there's 10 pages of it. Quite often the most important Full Article & Video

CSPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell At Arguing Sons

C-SPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell at Arguing Sons

I guarantee that you've never seen this on C-Span. Here is a truly priceless moment. The arguing team of pundits, brothers  Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, the former a Democrat, the latter a Republican, were making an appearance on Washington Journal when a call came in from Raleigh, North Carolina. It should be noted that the ... Full Article & Video

Michele Bachmann’s Greatest Video Hits, So Far

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is so often so obtuse even the crazy quote in this graphic from a satirical site is believable. In response to Michele Bachmann's farewell speech on the House Floor Tuesday, Chris Matthews took a few moments to relive some of her zanier moments caught on film. In doing so, we find that nearly every Full Article & Video

SNL: The Office in Middle Earth

The Office in middle earth

The Hobbit returns with Dildo Baggins! You know, Middle Earth and the office go together like Dick Cheney and Ellen. Like Barack Obama and Michele Bachmann. Like white cops and black men. Like Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Warren. Like Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Like The Pope and Ted Nugent. Ah yes, the mundane cubicle culture Full Article & Video

Three ways to stop having gay sex!

gays cant give blood

There happens to be a shortage of blood in America. Recently trying to do the right thing by that, Brad Graham went down to the blood bank to find gay men are not allowed to give blood. Though testing is a rather simple matter, it is well known by much of the intelligent voting public ... Full Article & Video

SNL: Long Line of Wedding Objections

SNL Wedding objections

Very long line of wedding objections. All of them quite valid. Love is like evolution and climate change denial; logic, reason, facts, science and common sense don't enter into it. Evelyn steals the show!  The best thing about SNL, Kate McKinnon, will not last too much longer as I am sure she will be leaving for Full Article & Video

The NRA is a mental issue

NRA is a mental issue

Teach your children well. Tell your kids as soon as they are grown enough to leave the house that if they see someone with a gun to immediately run home and let you know. That if they are in a friends home and they see a gun anywhere in it, to run home and let ... Full Article & Video

The NRA / Dick Cheney answer to White Cop racism

NRA response to racist cops

Hey let's hear it for the NRA!  Let's hear it for Dick Cheney's the ends justify the means! Let's hear if for STAND YOUR GROUND! Let's hear it for State Farm Insurance! Let's hear this before it's taken down and disappears. Where have the bullies gone, long time passing, Gone to police stations everyone, When will Full Article & Video