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Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

Morning Joe: Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

What could possibly have caused MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski to completely lose her composure and flee the set in hysterics? On Monday's "Morning Joe" Brezinski was reporting the details of a chlorine gas leak at a "furry" convention in Illinois, where convention-goers were forced to evacuate. After reading the words "furry convention" Mika seemed to falter Full Article & Video

YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #96 Jacksfilms video

YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #96  Jacksfilms

Jacks Films 'Your Grammar Sucks' #96, and mine ain't none too good neither. That's a little prezzie for you fellow grammar nazis. ; ) If you're like most people, you're reminded every holiday season at gift exchange time, that "it's the thought that counts." The same is true of internet posts, tweets and comments.  Unfortunately, the Full Article & Video

The Guy On Immigration Song by PsychoSuperMom

I'm pleased to present the humorous song stylings of Psycho Super Mom (AKA Lauren Mayer) in a salute to Obama's executive action on that political hot potato...immigration!  Psycho Mom does not leave out Obama's furious opponents; the GOP, who were so totally going to do something, eventually, maybe.  They still may do something...After another extended ... Full Article & Video

Stop Looking at Your Phones! College Humor

Stop Looking at your Phones at the Table! College Humor exclusive

Even in the best of homes, table manners can slide if one is not vigilant, as you can plainly see in this episode of 'The Britishers' by College Humor. This is so very timely with Thanksgiving already here, and the other holidays nigh and looming like a dreaded storm front. Of course this scenario could never Full Article & Video

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

With Turkey Day fast approaching, Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #ThanksgivingFail. It strikes me that it's incorrect to call these incidents 'fails.' They are often the stuff of fond memory...From a safe distance of time. I know that no one will forget the Year of the Flaming Turkey at my house. Please Full Article & Video

Ellen: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

The Ellen Show: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

Ellen devotes a hilarious segment to introducing some of the most amazing new toys you may want to put on your holiday shopping list!   I probably don't have to tell you that Ellen also found a few toys that nobody wants to find under their tree, and for that reason, they were taken off the ... Full Article & Video

Thanksgiving Family Rescue: Jimmy Kimmel

Thanksgiving Family Rescue: Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel wonders; what is sadder than spending Thanksgiving by yourself?  The frozen food section is always cleared of turkey dinners by the time I hit the grocery store,so I know a lot of people  are dining with 'the Swansons.'  Perhaps this is the case because often, the alternative; spending the day with family - ... Full Article & Video