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Cliven Bundy’s Bizarre Ad With Black Candidate

Cliven Bundy

Pro-Slavery loudmouth Cliven Bundy and African American congressional candidate Kamau Bakari are unlikely saddle pals...Until you dig deeper and realize that they're both bat-sheet crazy.  What are the chances that  Cliven Bundy, of the infamous federal stand-off, and 'Kamu Bakari The Electrician,' are both self-titled patriots who share identical views! Full Article & Video

Stefon Returns to SNL Weekend Update

 Stefon Returns to SNL Weekend Update

Bill Hader returns to SNL's Weekend Update desk as Stefon the unparalleled 'City Correspondent.' In his first return appearance since leaving the SNL cast, Hader - or Stefon, is greeted by new Weekend Update hosts, Michael Che and Colin Jost - or "Mmmm...One of each" as Stefon quips delightedly. No Full Article & Video

Who is Joe Biden? Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Who is Joe Biden?

Vice President Joe Biden's recent LA visit had Jimmy Kimmel wondering how many people even know who he is.  So as an experiment they sent a camera crew out onto Hollywood Blvd. to ask Americans a very simple question: “Who is Joe Biden? Simple question, right?   I will admit that Full Article & Video

Key & Peele: Alien Imposters Among Us!

Key & Peele:  Alien Imposters Among Us!

Key and Peele are survivors of a particularly diabolical alien invasion. You see, the aliens look and speak exactly like human beings. The lives of our two survivors depend upon finding some difference in the aliens, which will enable them to tell them apart from the human beings they encounter Full Article & Video