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Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

One of the strangest parts of the recent Miss America pageant was the “Fun Facts” feature that popped up on-screen. Jimmy shares some of his favorites from the show.  In past Miss America competitions, unintentional entertainment cropped up in the form of odd talent performances, costume fails and the occasional Full Article & Video

Giant mutant Dog Spider attacks

dog spider

Well if you are not one of the 25 million people who have seen this video from Czechoslovakia, here you go.  NO LAUGHING.  What is so unusual about this is that the prankee's don't suddenly come to realize it's prank as most every other prank we see on Youtube. Rather Full Article & Video

New York Subway Spa, Youtube

ny subway spa

This graphic makes it all worth while.... Funny they should use the temperature of 95 to realize a need for a cool down subway spa. 95 is what it is here in Dumbutt from June through September. Which is one Hellofalot better than 10 from December through March.  Like GONNA Full Article & Video