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3 Breasted woman joins The View

3 breasted woman joins The View

Three breasts?  What's next?  Find out with the Get Sexx Tonight video! As an added bonus, the video does include the water skiing squirrel. [Speaking of squirrels, we have a few down her in suburban Texas who love to shoot and kill them as the run the wires behind our Full Article & Video

Humanities’ First word!


... Which will more than likely be Humanities' last word too. So very reminiscent of one of my favorite movies from 1981, Quest for Fire where a Neanderthal wanders into a human area, is found by Rae Dawn Chong and gets humanities' first BJ! And I had always thought that Full Article & Video

Naked TV with Stephen Colbert

naked tv with stephen colbert

On VH1's Dating Naked, a naked woman feels a connection to the naked guy who she believes feels the same "connection." Naked weather has been an internet success for as long as I remember. "Naked" in a website title is a winner.  As is how many times you can squeeze Full Article & Video