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SNL: The Office in Middle Earth

The Office in middle earth

The Hobbit returns with Dildo Baggins! You know, Middle Earth and the office go together like Dick Cheney and Ellen. Like Barack Obama and Michele Bachmann. Like white cops and black men. Like Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Warren. Like Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Like The Pope and Ted Nugent. Ah yes, the mundane cubicle culture Full Article & Video

Sarah Silverman Goes Under the Knife Ad NSFW

Sarah Silverman Goes Under the Knife Ad  NSFW

In a new ad  for the Equal Payback Project, comedienne Sarah Silverman prepares to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. She has decided that it's easier to acquire a penis than to earn equal pay while hindered by the standard equipment she was given at birth. I don't believe this option is available on most health insurance ... Full Article & Video

3 Breasted woman joins The View

3 breasted woman joins The View

Three breasts?  What's next?  Find out with the Get Sexx Tonight video! As an added bonus, the video does include the water skiing squirrel. [Speaking of squirrels, we have a few down her in suburban Texas who love to shoot and kill them as the run the wires behind our homes. They say squirrels are just Full Article & Video

Humanities’ First word!


... Which will more than likely be Humanities' last word too. So very reminiscent of one of my favorite movies from 1981, Quest for Fire where a Neanderthal wanders into a human area, is found by Rae Dawn Chong and gets humanities' first BJ! And I had always thought that process was invented 1972 by Linda Full Article & Video

Limp and Loving it with Limpitor


"If Viagra causes you to have an erection lasting more than four hours, call me." Amy Schumer who is a little bit slutty. "Is that pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" May West in the 1933 movie SHE DONE HIM WRONG a month before the HAYES CODE movie censorship went Full Article & Video

Naked TV with Stephen Colbert

naked tv with stephen colbert

On VH1's Dating Naked, a naked woman feels a connection to the naked guy who she believes feels the same "connection." Naked weather has been an internet success for as long as I remember. "Naked" in a website title is a winner.  As is how many times you can squeeze "naked" in the content without over Full Article & Video