Bad Boys

Detective Sharklumbo, FOD

Detective sharklumbo

Sharklumbo! Fumbling detective will eat you. Don't underestimate sharks in the room, or from personal experience, in the boat. True Shark Story: Hooked up to a rig about 30 miles out of Galveston. My boy and I on a 22 foot boat. I put the rod up to jump in Full Article & Video

Rand Paul Runs away, Stephen Colbert

friends rand paul and steve king

The reason Rand Paul cannot become the GOP presidential nominee is not because he has to run away from the racism and bigotry of fellow Republicans like Steve King shown here, but that he will have to run away from most everything he has ever said. Telling Rachel Maddow that Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert Retro Trip to 1974

stephen colbert 1974 retro

"The problem, however, with pandas is that they don't know how to mate. The only way they learn how is to watch other pandas mate. You see?" Richard Nixon Tapes March 13 1972 Well thank the Lord for porn or humanity would have died off by now... One thing this Full Article & Video

Snack Bars at executions , Lukovich Cartoon

execution chamber snack bar

Since the botched execution there in Georgia last week I have noticed the mainstream media questioning whether we should perhaps move to firing squads and gas chambers. Not that much interest in the electric chair or hanging. The smoking heads from the electric chair is problematic as is hanging overweight Full Article & Video