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Donald Trump chooses his cabinet, Eric Jackman

Donald Trump just talking for 25 minutes, Jackman Radio

Eric Jackman has nailed it as Donald Trump in this 25 minute video that is well worth the time, I know it is worth the time because after losing the remote last night I was forced to watch BROKE GIRLS which took a half an hour from my life that could have been better spent ... Full Article & Video

Guns salesman shows top 5 guns of the year!


Though a good review of popular guns, the real best selling gun according to online gun seller is the KEL TEC PMR-30, a small lightweight low kickback .22 semi automatic that sleekly holds 30 rounds of double stacked magnum ammunition in the magazine, a very good weapon for women, teens and senior citizens who need ... Full Article & Video

Donald Trump Goes To Mexico – Comedy video

Donald Trump Goes To Mexico - Comedy video

Despite the negative comments Donald Trump and other Republicans have made about our Mexican neighbors, accusing them of drug-smuggling, rape, and job-thievin' Trump still claims; 'the Hispanics LOVE me!' There is no better way to find out if his claim is true, than to go to Mexico and see how Mexican people react to comedian ... Full Article & Video