Bad Girls

Hillary’s Email same old song

Hillary emailing murderer

Remember 60 people Bill and Hillary murdered in Mena, Arkansas was not as bad as Hillary personally shooting Vince Foster in the side of the head from less than a foot away, they were lovers, wrapping the 6' 4" man up in a carpet, carrying out of her apartment to a brown car she had ... Full Article & Video

Miley Cyrus hosts MTV awards 2015

Miley Cyrus hosts MTV awards 2015

Miley Cyrus hosted the MTV awards in various stages of undress, the Godlike figure, what's his name, grabbed the microphone to talk about how Godlike he is and that he will be taking a step down to run for President in 2020. Full Article & Video

‘Fox Bimbos’: Sing Along!

The irresistible opening notes of La Bamba herald Lauren Mayer's new song - a long overdue, commentary on the bubble heads and bimbos - male and female who star on Fox 'News.' Lauren says 'just when you think the airheads on Fox 'News' couldn't sound any more stupid, they outdo themselves.' But I'm here to ask you ... Full Article & Video