Bad Girls

Black Friday, shop till you drop dead

black friday shop till you drop dead

I would think that Black Friday would be the day that anyone with a lick of sense would not venture out past the end of their driveway. In fact I am going to turn the power off in the house, take the laptop into the windowless hallway under a closet door frame in the middle ... Full Article & Video

Lewis Black on Black Friday, Daily Show

lewis black black friday

You can't make a store open on Thanksgiving. It's just a poor helpless corporation. But people? Punch in and shut the fk up. You can see your family in January. Speaking of Venus and Mars... I had carpet cleaners here the other day and asked how many men they talked to on the job. They told Full Article & Video

Amy Schumer can say PUSSY

Amy Schumer can say PUSSY

"If you have an erection that lasts more than four hours, call me." Amy Schumer I love Amy Schumer! What a raunchy cartoon hey? How bad can it get on Comedy Central?  I dunno, Fox does the Family Guy on network TV during family hours and it's as bad as it gets. I love Family Guy! Full Article & Video

Bristol Palin describes Palin drunken brawl

Bristol Palin talks drunken brawl

Now this is a story worth a THIS JUST IN before the Florida governors debate. But I must say it was the first time I saw anything on cable that was not about shitting our pants over Ebola and ISIS.  What NEWS!  People get drunk at Alaska snowmobile parties! Who would have guessed? This Palin drunken Full Article & Video

Who slept with bride Wedding Photos

who slept with the bride

It could have been me... This one is the proof in the pudding of how sexism works, in this case the double standard. Having the bride's picture taken with all the men she had sex with is so mortifying it causes withdrawal from society, depression and being defined a slut for the rest of her life. Full Article & Video

SNL Weekend Update, The Ebola Girl

SNL, Ebola girl

Most Americans only use 10% of my brain. This season's SNL Weekend Update we find Michael Che replacing Cecily Strong. This leaves Ms Strong to play comic characters rather than her old straight man part. Hey what a fine job channeling Emily Letalla! Also a good female counterpart to Drunk Uncle. They need to get them Full Article & Video

Ladies tell the truth on the first date

Ladies tell the first date truth

I didn't know you were that old What's so good about this video is there is a deep truth for everyone somewhere in it. On both sides of the table. So why isn't there a viral video like this for what men are really thinking on the first date?  Well, I suppose that's because we already Full Article & Video