Bad Girls

Who slept with bride Wedding Photos

who slept with the bride

It could have been me... This one is the proof in the pudding of how sexism works, in this case the double standard. Having the bride's picture taken with all the men she had sex with is so mortifying it causes withdrawal from society, depression and being defined a slut Full Article & Video

SNL Weekend Update, The Ebola Girl

SNL, Ebola girl

Most Americans only use 10% of my brain. This season's SNL Weekend Update we find Michael Che replacing Cecily Strong. This leaves Ms Strong to play comic characters rather than her old straight man part. Hey what a fine job channeling Emily Letalla! Also a good female counterpart to Drunk Uncle. Full Article & Video

Ellen does Anaconda Booty Dance!

ellen anaconda booty dance

I often wonder if it was not Ellen who more than anyone helped turn this country around on gay rights. Always UP, always HAPPY, always FUN, always FUNNY, always NICE, always KIND and so on. Watching her show is always a pleasant and uplifting experience... I am told. Another person Full Article & Video