SNL: NFL player Introductions

SNL NFL Player Intros

I OD'd on penis pills! Even as a big NFL fan, or more specifically a Green Bay Packer fan, I have a feeling this game may go the way of boxing. We made a lot of fun of ABC NFL announcer Howard Cosell back in the day, but his friendship with Mohammad Ali and seeing the Full Article & Video

This Week Tonight John Oliver BOO NFL’s Roger Goodell

This Week Tonight John Oliver BOO NFL

On 'Last Week Tonight' John Oliver joins NFL Players in booing  NFL commissioner John Goodell. Okay, John Oliver may have added some hand signals to add necessary emphasis to the traditional 'boo' which alone, is not strong enough for Goodell's limp approach to stemming domestic violence within the NFL.  Oliver targeted a press conference Friday ... Full Article & Video

The Washington Bonercats, FOD

washington bonercats Because so many Americans like Redskins owner Dan Snyder understand racism as anyone who brings up racism - playing the race card - something needs to be done. How about we all just call them something else, like The Washington Bonercats for instance. Through personally I believe the Washington Fourskins is by far the winner. Full Article & Video

Dock Ellis pitches a No Hitter on LSD

dock ellis no hitter

Though the video is some years old, this has become topical for a new documentary on Doc Ellis, NO NO: A Dockumentary.  The whole story goes beyond pitching a no-hitter from planet LSD into Dock Ellis being the loudest voice in sports concerning race relations since Jackie Robertson. But without the LSD there would be no Full Article & Video

Assault rifle sportsmanship with Barry Goldwater

Assault rifle sportsmanship

”I’m completely opposed to selling automatic rifles. I don’t see any reason why they ever made semi-automatics. I’ve been a member of the NRA, I collect, make and shoot guns. I’ve never used an automatic or semiautomatic for hunting. There’s no need to. They have no place in anybody’s arsenal. If any S.O.B. can’t hit ... Full Article & Video

Darik Knows his soccer, FOD

Darik Knows his Soccor

Darik's Wide World of Soccer! - watch more funny videos Or better known in the world of soccer as Darik "Strykher" T.J. Watsun Bowee. I watched my first few soccer games last week and got to understand it and enjoy it.  Here Hear. The rules are simple, the time just keeps clicking away which  I like. Full Article & Video