Catheter Cowboy Slams O’Reilly and Trump About Sexual Harassment Part 2 – John Oliver

Catheter Cowboy Slams O'Reilly and Trump About Sexual Harrassment - John Oliver

If it’s deplorable that Fox News is standing by O’Reilly, the would-be seducer has another friend in Donald Trump. The alleged POTUS spoke out in O’Reilly’s defense, claiming Big Bill is innocent and shouldn’t have settled with the victims. Trump claims he ‘knows O’Reilly is a good guy.’

Well, if O’Reilly, Trump and Fox don’t know how to treat a lady, the Catheter Cowboy sure does!  O’Reilly and Fox need advertisers – 60 have dropped at last count, and Donald Trump needs to understand sexual harassment. That is why John Oliver will try to buy time on The Factor to run this ad by the Cowboy, who gives O’Reilly and Trump a lesson in sexual harassment. The Cowboy got red hot at ‘one specific person.’ The cowboy seems pretty mellow, but when he gets mad…Well, I just hope the two people he’s talking to, will be watching with asbestos suits on!