Chelsea Handler – Donald Trump’s Impeachment Party

Chelsea Handler - Donald Trump's Impeachment Party

Celebrate Donald Trump’s impeachment with Chelsea Handler! Chelsea’s show is coming to an end, and her only regret is not being able to cover the one story that she – and we have been dreaming about. That’s why Chelsea made a delightful ‘time capsule’ that can be enjoyed now and later – when the big day arrives. Celebrate now, and celebrate when Trump is finally perp- walked through the Rose Garden, wearing only his panties, his wig blowing in the wind, as he totters on Melania’s ‘hurricane shoes’. Perhaps the trans officer will heed Trump’s own advice about “not being too nice” and protecting a prisoner’s head while guiding him into a squad car.

A lot of things have changed, and Chelsea predicts many more – not least of all, Robert Mueller is now the sexiest man alive.

Let the good times roll!