Chelsea Handler gun control in Australia worked just fine

Chelsea Chandler gun control in Australia worked just fineOf all the places on Earth Australia is the closest to our own culture and history. 12 days after a mass shooting there with assault rifles they did not waste time with prayers and thoughts and banned not only such weapons but passed lots of gun control measures and it all turned out just fine. Hasn’t been a mass shooting since and the people did no start a shooting war.

We now have not only Michael Moore but conservative columnist Bret Stephens calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. I hope they both have good security.

The why of Las Vegas is what so many outside their bubble miss, there are millions of American white males where guns have become not a hobby but a way of life. The ultimate expression of American violence. An explosion in the face followed by tearing something or someone up down the way, all in just one second. What fun.

Much like an adolescent boy who can’t get boobs out of his head or his hands out of his pants, these people can’t get guns out of their heads or hands. Every waking hour it is there. With the fear and paranoia becoming a religion of guns. It’s the culture than must change which drives our violent nature. How about a war on guns?