Chelsea Handler, Sarah Huckabee Sanders makeup school with Fortune Feimster

Chelsea Handler, Sarah Huckabee Sanders makeup schoolFirst rub a big gob of moisturizer all over your face like gravy on a biscuit…

You know Sarah Huckabee Sanders has no stories of being sexually harassed, Trump never groped her. I wonder why?  This goes out to the 100 million or so other women who have never been groped. Something we don’t talk about… Or so few accusations against handsome young men for that matter.

I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ZERO TOLERANCE.   Remember the leader of the Pro Life movement Randall Terry not so long ago selling his INTOLERANCE IS BEAUTIFUL tshirts?  Just Googling that I found that the phrase is still celebrated by not only the Pro Life movement but evangelical Christians as well. Oh and ISIS. .