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Cher and James Corden to social media version of I got you babe

Cher and James Corden to I got you babeIn this political year of orange buffoons and nasty women it is so nice to see someone Make Music Great Again. Cher at 70 can still belt it out with real celebrity talent that is so lacking of late.  This video just made me feel good, ya know?  And from Cher’s takedowns of The Donald she is on that long “nasty woman” list of his.

Word is that if The Donald did not put his foot in his mouth so often he would win in a landslide.  I am not too sure about that.  He most certainly is not the guy you want want to have a beer with, he doesn’t drink. So what would yall like to do with The Donald? Golf? I dunno, his supporters don’t seem to be in the club.  To have a Big Mac or a Taco Bowl with?  Doesn’t sound like much fun. How about gold plating plumbing? Na, doesn’t seem to fit his support of mostly stupid white men?  So what’s that leave? Ah, going out to grab some wussy!


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