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Chicago murder rate, video and the numbers

Chicago murder rate, video and the numbersAfter watching this video of the Chicago gang culture what goes through your mind?  No matter your race, religion, or politics comes that low thought of just letting these violent punks kill each other off and be done with them. The problem is too many bullets are killing innocent bystanders who have no way out. Here are the statistics in Chicago:

Chicago is 34% African American
There are about 50 murders per month
90% of victims are male
85% of victims and murderers are between the ages of 15 and 35

84% of murders are from handguns
77% of African American births are out of wedlock
75% of murderers and victims are black
71% of both murderers and victims have rap sheets
29% of murders are prosecuted

Chicago leads the nation in African Americans net worth 17 times less that white Americans, have five times the unemployment rate and twice the high school drop out rate as whites.

So what’s most at fault for Chicago’s more than 500 murders a year? American Gun Culture.


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