Chick-fil-A, Intolerance a losing game, Bennett

chick-fil-A intolerance

I include this political cartoon primarily for the social information at the bottom.  This was taken from the Cagle Cartoon website which is a reasonably moderate website that gives both sides of a story.  From Toles  to Rameriz.  What is interesting is that this bit of simple truth got a -72 rating. Thumbs down.  That universal response to accusations of bigotry and intolerance. YOU ARE the intolerant bigot for bringing accusing me of it! And it works for the dim and dull.

The rating is about the intensity of hate and intolerance on that side.  Having lived half my life both North and South, I cannot recall that first half ever referring to myself as a NORTHERNER, or a YANKEE, or for THE UNION.  Nor can I recall anyone relating to those terms. I did go to Lincoln grade school though, but never thought anything about it.

On the other hand, once I settled in down here in Dumbutt it’s perhaps the most central part of the culture here. Slavery, Civil War, Rebs, Rebels, Confederates, Confederacy, Lee, Forest and so on.  At the top of not only the culture but of politics.

Losers take things poorly, in that case 150 years and not only still going strong, but doubling down on it.  Slavery, Civil War, Jim Crow, racism all must be defended by the losers with some ignorant semantic argument.

Just as today’s issue of Gay Marriage, they know they will lose this one too, so they must act the Loser and celebrate their homophobia and bigotry by renaming it. It is now called Free Speech! Or blame it on Political Correctness, but losers will never admit what losers they are.