Chris Matthews: AZ Gun Club Offers Santa Photos With Guns For Entire Family!

Chris Matthews: Az gun club celebrates birth of Jesus with photos of entire families holding guns posing with Santa!

It’s beginning to look a  lot like Christmas!  The GOP has launched their annual attack at businesses which haven’t included the word ‘Christmas’ in all of their ads…Be they Christian or not.  It appears that another tradition is being launched, if you can judge by yet another odd bit of holiday news.  An Arizona Gun Club in Scottsdale seems to have the GOP seal of approval on this one…And why not?  The club is just ‘trying to add a little holiday spirit along with awareness of 2nd Amendment rights.  So grab  mom and the kids, there are guns enough for everyone, and a jolly elf to pose beside. And for those of you who don’t frequent gun clubs, don’t be surprised if you get one of these heart-warming cards in the mail this holiday season.  Relax, it’s not a threat – just a novel way of celebrating the birthday of Jesus.  That’s what we’re being told, anyway!