Chris Matthews: GOP questions President Obama’s belief in American Exceptionalism


If you can tolerate subjecting yourself to right wing media for a short time, you will hear over and over again that the President does not believe in American exceptionalism. (gasp!) ‘It’s true, we saw it on the TV!’ Once again, it appears that all conservative outlets receive a copy of the talking points and drive them home relentlessly, but is there any truth to them? Chris Matthews shows the other side of the story.  Hint: It’s all damn dirty lies!

Chris Matthews: GOP questions Obama's belief in American exceptionalism

  • Muy Groso

    We are exceptionally violent, exceptionally conservative, exceptionally selfish, exceptionally racist, exceptionally stupid and our religious intolerance and bigotry is the most exceptional in the industrialized world!

    What we were good at was secondary public universities but because of ever more tax breaks tuitions are going up too high for the middle class to afford, classes are so large there is no longer any personal contact with professors (who are all Marxists anyway) and private colleges now cost about $25,000 a semester.