Christian Republican Has Had Enough of the Cult of Rush Limbaugh

After reading Emily Anne’s email to Townhall I decided I just had to to share it.

Stop it stop it stop it stop it!
Will you ever get the picture you bombastic, unchristian, holier than thou, mean spirited, truth twisting, fear mongering purveyors of hate?
You are inciting this nation into a panic of fear and hatred! When it hits the fan and there is harm done to some of our citizens, you will share the blame for whipping them into a frenzy-you and your ilk of fox news.

I have been a lifelong conservative christian and never once in my 57 years had I voted for a democrat until I voted for Barack HUSSEIN Obama. I am so proud of myself and I thank God every day that my eyes were opened to the hate that you and yours spewed forth day after day throughout the election process. Unbelievable lies from a, thankfully, losing party. That was the turning point for me and I can never turn back to the ways of the republican party and it’s tactics.

Now your vile plans continue. It is more than shameful and add to it the anointing of the repulsive rush Limbaugh as some kind of god to be worshiped. Its nauseating. Every time I see the clip last week from the conference at which he spoke, chanting "rush, rush, rush!", for himself, I am amazed at the narcissistic gall of him!! If ever a person was not afraid to show such utter love of self, it’s he. Gross to the max. As i said, I am a christian, and I will spend my remaining life recanting every self-righteous, pompous, ignorant thing that came out of my mouth and asking God’s forgiveness for a hardened heart that lacked empathy for my fellow man. And sorry to say that I learned so many of these opinions that formed my narrow mind set from you and your partners in crime.

And now as a christian I should say, "may God forgive you." Maybe he will, but I won’t. You have said things with malice and forethought, not caring about the truth nor the damage you were doing to my country, the lives lost to your war mongering, the misery you enjoy seeing in the lives of the poor and the fear you create that now consumes so many of your readers.

Shame, shame, shame on you and once again I say…

To which Emily Anne’s Parents replied…