Christopher Cantwell one of Trump’s “many nice people”, Vice Interview

Christopher Cantwell one of Trump's "many nice people", Vice Interview The most astonishing part of this begins at 19 minutes, don’t miss it. This is what the President of the united states equates to demonstrating against this pig along with Nazism, Racism, Antisemitism, White Supremacy and radical right-wing terrorism.

These losers, like Islamic terrorists, are recruited mostly through the internet. Those behind it know how to game such abject losers to do their bidding. It is no different than how cults work which are also filled to overflowing with losers.

The Republican Base has become a cult in every sense of the world. Half of them say that no matter what Trump says or does they will stand by him. Little different than the people of North Korea. Though in defense of the people of North Korea, they have no input from the outside world so do not know better.

It is not just the shit talk that bonds Trump with Kim Jong Un, but the very nature of their character and personality.