Cleveland Show: ‘Turkey Pot Die’ or Ben Franklin Was A Pedophile?

Cleveland Show: Cleveland and Junior set out to shoot a turkey for Thanksgiving, when Junior befriends a bird and claims that Benjamin Franklin didn't approve of killing dinner either.

When Cleveland is frustrated by his son’s lack of enthusiasm for killing dinner, Junior expresses a sentiment that is close to home. The turkey in the store, wrapped in cellophane is ‘food’ while the living bird on the hoof – so to speak, is an animal.
It looks like the menu will include Soy-turkey this year at my house!  We also learn a biographical ‘fact’ about Benjamin Franklin from Cleveland, who – while lacking facts, none the less turns the moment into a teaching opportunity about the vegetarian, atheist, pedophile father of our country! Have you noticed that when conservatives get on a roll, the subject of their ire becomes the very incarnation of Satan himself?   I’m surprised that Cleveland didn’t demand to see a better copy of Ben’s birth certificate.

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  1. First of all what do you mean “when conservatives get on a roll?” Seth Mcfarlane is one of the most outspoken liberals on TV. As for Ben Franklyn, Cleveland is referring to Ben Franklyn’s wife, who was 15. This is strange by todays standards but in an era when the average person was lucky to see their 30th birthday 15 was a normal age for a woman to marry. But don’t blame Mcfarlane, any person who looks to shows like family guy and Cleveland show for educational purposes is probably too stupid to even realize that nonetheless is one word.

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