Cleveland Show: ‘Turkey Pot Die’ or Ben Franklin Was A Pedophile?

Cleveland Show: Cleveland and Junior set out to shoot a turkey for Thanksgiving, when Junior befriends a bird and claims that Benjamin Franklin didn't approve of killing dinner either.

When Cleveland is frustrated by his son’s lack of enthusiasm for killing dinner, Junior expresses a sentiment that is close to home. The turkey in the store, wrapped in cellophane is ‘food’ while the living bird on the hoof – so to speak, is an animal.
It looks like the menu will include Soy-turkey this year at my house!  We also learn a biographical ‘fact’ about Benjamin Franklin from Cleveland, who – while lacking facts, none the less turns the moment into a teaching opportunity about the vegetarian, atheist, pedophile father of our country! Have you noticed that when conservatives get on a roll, the subject of their ire becomes the very incarnation of Satan himself?   I’m surprised that Cleveland didn’t demand to see a better copy of Ben’s birth certificate.