CNN Townhall with Tom Price beyond healthcare to the destruction of the Federal Government

CNN Townhall with Tom Price beyond healthcare to the destruction of the Federal GovernmentThis video runs for over an hour, it is a CNN sponsored townhall with Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price. A Republican ideologue and doctor who would like to eliminate the agency he now heads. Let the market and the states decide.

Watching it all the way through I was struck by his use of the Republican talking points that will never allow a single payer system in this country as long as the GOP is anything more than a small opposition party.

Though we see it here so boldly, so unflinching and so very very repetitive, he is the Republican Party of today.  Take note of his words that will not only keep a civilized system of health care from happening in this country, but keeping us from joining the civilized world in most issues.

Words and phrases Tom Price used over and over again in reply to most every question asked, from most used on down:

  1. The Government
  2. Washington
  3. Federal Government
  4. American People
  5. States
  6. Individual

At every turn, on every issue it is the horror of the Federal Government, of Washington DC and federal bureauRats that are the enemies of the American people. Not ISIS, not China, not Russia, not The Media, not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama but the government of the United States of America. To what end?

States rights today, states right tomorrow and states rights forever.

One could say that this issue was resolved once and for all at Appomattox in 1865 but not so. It lasted about 10 years before we suffered 100 years of Jim Crow, then another generation of Republican’s fighting civil rights and now with President Trump not only mainstreaming white nationalism, but bringing it into the White House with Steve Bannon as his most trusted adviser. States rights, again all to what end?

Is it a conspiracy to nullify the federal government to put the individual states in charge of everything other than defense? But a conspiracy has the concept of secrecy, there is no secrecy in this.

Republicans really hate the first amendment and the 14th Amendment.  Separation of Church and State, the media, due process and equal protection under the law. All give equal rights to people they don’t like, or want around them or subsidize.

They want to allow states to become theocracies, they want to be able to discriminate against blacks, Hispanics, LBGT, immigrants, refugees, the poor and above all women seeking abortions. Not to mention replacing public education with tax funded political and religious schools.

My question.

Do they do this knowing that it will cause such balkanization that Americans will then be moving from state to state for political reasons? That states will knowingly pass laws to get blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, women, gays, Muslims, atheists, and liberals to move to another state? Do they do this knowingly?