CNN Trump voter forum, a cult that will not change

I dare you to watch thCNN Trump voter forum, a cult that will not changeis video of Trump supporters and then tell me that reaching out to them will get even one of them to vote for Democrats as Mr. Sanders has come to believe.

The stock market is up and the jobs are flowing under Trump!  Bullshit. Jobs and the stock market are growing at the same rate as they were under Obama YOU NITWITS.

And even if Trump does get impeached you think any of these people will change their views on anything? Come on.

These people vote for the person they themselves are most like and share intellect and character. Just like we all do. Gosh… How… Deplorable…

Here we have the average Trump voters proving once and for all that they will not be deterred from Trump, or vote Democrat NO MATTER WHAT. EVER!  They will bend over to have their asses grabbed, hold their nose as they lose their health insurance, destroy the Earth, get thrown under the bus repeatedly and not budge an inch. Committing Treason, murder on 5th Avenue, alienating the entire world is all a GOOD THING to them as long as their leader pokes EVERYONE smarter than a Palin in the eye with a doggypoo stick.

Bernie! Reaching out to them is as insane as they are.