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Coal miner, coal bad brown people good, Hasan Minhaj Daily Show

Coal miner, no to coal yest to brown people, Hasan Minhaj

Coal miner, no to coal yest to brown people, Hasan MinhajHollyhockeylockers, someone smart from From the state where Trump got the most percentage of votes winning by 40 points?  In fact if one were to just count coal miners it may have been 100 points.

But wait, Alex Hughes is not a real coal miner, he just worked and profited from the coal industry. Which means he never suffered the coal dust that turns so many lungs, brains and hearts black. Black as night, black as sin.

I have a small independent hardware store walking distance from the house, three blocks in fact. For 20 years I have been going there often to get the little stuff, Amid from Pakistan runs it and is there every day for 12 hours. A very kind and friendly man, often waves me on without paying for a few screws or nails. A week or so ago I walked in put my hand out and said “I am sorry I never said this before, but welcome to America, you have made it a better place, thank you.” Amid gave me a hug and two fribits. What moved to do that after 20 years? ¬†Donald Trump.