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Colbert interviews Radical Feminist Nun Sister Simone Campbell


What in the Hell is this?  I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but here we have a religious personality who actually understands what Jesus Christ was actually about! So that’s one!  ONE that I know of anyway…

American Christianity is about giving a hand to the wealthy, a kick in the pants to the poor and minorities, having a gun bigger than your neighbor and having to pay NO TAXES!  Which churches don’t have to do anyway. Why is that again?  Didn’t his nice guy dad pay taxes? Wasn’t that why they went to Bethlehem on a donkey?  How much did Jesus make you think? What was in his portfolio? Well besides a loin cloth, some thorns and a few nails?  Oh, and sandals and a robe!  Did Jesus shop at Kay Jewelers?

colbert interview with nun sister simone campbell

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