Colbert’s rolling in broken glass versus Tony Robbins firewalking

I once had to cart a motivational speaker around for my company. He changed clothes half a dozen times a day, he never shut up in the car, everything he said was bullcrap and all I wanted to do was strangle him. In fact it was like having a preacher on your back for a week, but he sure had nice hair. Like all visitors back than I was required to take him to Gilley’s, the biggest bar in America!  Boy did he hate that.  It was dirty and full of dirty people and boy oh boy did he look out of place in that place. Lucky David Allen Coe didn’t see him that night, he probably would have killed him.

colbert tony robbins firewalking

  • rackjite

    Cool! I always thought it was about the coals had to have a certain thickness of ash and you had to walk in such a way that your feet move quickly enough not to have to time to burn. But I suppose getting jacked up on MOTIVATION gets you to concentrate on moving right along.

  • Silver Rose

    I adore Stephen Colbert but will pass on the glass rolling.

    I did the firewalk with Tony many many years ago (there were only 75 attendees and I think Tony was 21). It was amazing and gave me great self-confidence. I’m sorry to hear that people are getting injured. My understanding of it is that Tony spends the day giving attendees hypnotic suggestions that help them once they walk across the coals. When I did it, I came out of “state” for a second and felt a burn on the bottom of one foot. Tony snapped his fingers and I went back into my “state” and made it across with no further problem. At the end of the walk, they spray your feet with water to make sure no coals are stuck there. When I checked my foot, I had a slight burn.

    Nobody is perfect, of course and I found Tony a bit egotistical but chalked it up to his youth. I still listen to his tapes when I want to accomplish something big and they still get me fired up. I think he’s probably the best Coach I have ever worked with and I know many.