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Comedian Jim Jefferies on Donald Trump – Let’s Get Crazy!

Comedian Jim Jefferies  on  Donald Trump Let's Get Crazy!

Insightful and wickedly funny, Australian comedian Jim Jeffries weighs in on Donald Trump, and proves the adage that  we used to laugh at our comedians –  but recently we’ve been listening to them seriously and laughing at our would-be politicians.  As an observer from two thousand miles away, Jeffries could afford to say – hey, Trump is fun, let’s give him the reins and see just how crazy things can get!

Jeffries hits the nail on the head, saying that Trump is like a kid running for class president; promising a soda machine in every classroom, and two lunch periods – whatever makes the crowd cheer. In this case, the crowd can be kind of ugly and the ‘soda machines’ are Mexican walls , killing suspected terrorist’s families and banning Muslims. Without being elected, Trump is an excellent recruiting poster for ISIS.  I believe you’ll agree when you hear Jim’s anualysis, and maybe you’ll feel that his solution to the problem of hate might just work too.