Conan O’Brien, Donald Trump’s JFK conspiracy theory, Hillary did it!

Conan O'Brien, Donald Trump's JFK conspiracy theory, Hillary did it!Conspiracy wonk President Trump is releasing thousands of classified documents about the JFK assassination where he expects to find out that it was Ted Cruz’ father who helped plan it but it was Hillary Clinton who actually killed him!  BTW, Roger Stone, Donald’s personal conspiracy astrologist, has been pushing, and writing a book that Hillary Clinton had JFK Jr murdered, just one of the hundreds she has personally had a hand in murdering.

My daughter married a Trumper. Yesterday my 5 year old granddaughter told me that Hillary murdered over 100 people and some of then little girls just like me. Gosh… The family rock and a hard place…  I told her her dad was just fooling with her.  She said no he wasn’t, it’s true because he looked it up. Gee… I guess it is the same way rancid intolerant religion and ugly bigoted racism moves ever onward. And nothing can be done about it.