Conan: Romney attack ad claims Obama responsible for Madonna’s nipple!


There are only five long months until November and slings and arrows are flying with increased intensity from both camps. In the off chance that disenfranchised voters get their rights back in time to cast their ballots; Romney – who is lacking in viable ideas, must impress them with how bad his competition is. Yes, I know about OSB, the declining debt and rising jobs – just never mind the facts!  Was your coffee cold this morning? A union worker probably made it, and that points to Obama with his emphasis on labor – rather than big BAIN business.

While Mitt Romney still hasn’t given us any direct answers for changing the country’s ills, other than the simplistic ‘I will fix’ (insert problem here), he is extending the reach of Obama’s responsibility by quite a distance. Conan’s take on the ad illustrates this very well.
Really, is our President in any way responsible for Madonna’s scary arms, or her scarier nip slip? Slip isn’t the word, it was more of a prolonged flash and photo op. Oh Mitt – you prankster, I’ll bet you’re in on this one with Madge!

Romney attack ads blame Obama for Madonna's nipple & other silliness