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Conan, Trump Calls Obama for Valentine’s Day Advice

Conan, Trump Calls Obama for Valentine's Day Advice - Video On Conan, President Trump calls to ask Obama if he knows of any romantic restaurants to take someone on Valentine’s Day. Putin is partial to Italian.

Hey Barrr –  It’s ME, Donald!  Conan’s popular segment continues as President Trump pesters former President Obama while he on vacation. Obama did promise to help Trump for an extended period, an offer he seems to be regretting now. All of Obama’s feedback is wasted on Trump.Still nothing stops Trump from seeking Obama’s advice; and it’s easier than ever now that he’s added three tweeting toilets to the White House.  Listen in as Trump complains about the harsh criticism he receives, boasts about the National Prayer Breakfast, and shares his unique ideas on diplomacy and nukes.

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