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Confessions in line at Starbucks with Rack Jite

confessions in line at starbucksI have often been asked why my drummer is so different from the usually beat, will here it is, time to fess up.

I had no idea anyone in their right mind would stand in line to get coffee, especially coffee that is about five times more expensive than coffee elsewhere with no lines. What’s up with that?

This failure for me to grasp the culture I live in calls up another admission. I have never been to a Starbucks. Though I have parked outside one once after Hurricane Ike to get WIFI access. This in turn causes me to reveal that I do not drink coffee. It’s hot, it’s bitter and I do not get any effects good or bad from it. So I miss the point of it. Well other than dissolving the trail of gunk that some marching band leaves in my mouth each morning, but I have found toothpaste works as well.

And thirdly, watching this video brought up another crazyass thing about myself I guess it is time to share. I, Rack Jite, have never bought a bottle of water.

What makes this all so horrifying is that these very things make me so  proud of myself that I have a layaway plan for a large enough tombstone to ensure enough room to carve that all into the granite. Forever. We all need to give our lives meaning of one sort or another.

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