Conservative Cartoonist Donna Barstow threatens Kick!

Invoice attached for illegal use of my cartoon since Nov 23,
2009, here:,-Dona-Barstow.html#comments

The first time I wrote you it
was a warning and takedown notice. Now it’s time to pay up. DMCA and reporting
to your server. (It’s illegal for any server to knowingly host stolen
intellectual property.)

Kind Regards,
Donna Barstow Cartoons []

Gosh 2 1/2 years ago!  Gee… You know I have been putting up political cartoons here for 15 years and not one cartoonist complained until this "Kindly Regarding" conservative snitch. But I removed the graphic this morning by Donna Barstow because it was a bad cartoon to begin with. 🙂

I have complied – even though I never received any previous complaint or any subsequent complaint from my ISP – but not a few other blogs she has tried to intimidate or shutdown have refused to capitulate and still contain her nasty bigoted crap. See them here:

UPDATE: Net police Donna Barstow is still on her warpath emailing me threats. Today someone named Geri Mars joined in the campaign to say she owned the rather unflattering picture of Ms Barstow and I must remove it immediately. Here is the previous photo in question with much better resolution than before.

I have of course kindly complied with these kindly ladies and am now using a far more flattering photograph of Ms Barstow.