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Constitution says no religious tests but…

It is clearly stated in the US Constitution that there shall be no religious test for office. But that does not mean we cannot make your own religious tests.  Here is what it should be:

Anyone whose first allegiance is to invisible flying entities I will not vote for.

Which is about half Trump’s cabinet, a third of the Supreme Court and a third of the Senate and House and most importantly at the moment, Amy Coney Barrett. And this allegiance comes not only before one’s country, the constitution but believe it or not, one’s own family. It is clinical insanity.

But what about the NEED for it? The addicts, the murderers, the rapists, the convicts, the ignorant, those in abject poverty, the lonely, those consumed with death, the ugly and the losers?  Well, that is a good point. But do the rest of us have to jump in to that mindless dogma to making it our way of life for their sake?

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