Crazyass Fox News Sunday with William Kristol and Brit Hume

At 8 AM CST comes Sunday Morning’s first of the network news and opinion shows, Fox News Sunday. Originally hosted by Right-wing Crazyass Brit Hume, but after Mr. Hume’s gay son committed suicide — probably over what a wanker his old man was –  Brit relinquished the host job to conservative Chris Wallace (Mike Wallace’s son). That left Hume without having to even try and sound Fair and Balanced as he moved over to sit in the head crazyass Conservative pundit chair. Seated next to Hume each week is William Kristol has become America’s number one Neo Con. Kristol gained top status because most of those in the rest of the pack were fired  and sent to prison. Well, not really, rather than prison they were sent to become CEO’s of enormous banks and corporations.
Every Friday night the movers and shakers of the GOP join in a weekend conspiracy to define the following week’s conservative talking points. They are first presented on Fox News Sunday to be repeated endlessly over the next five days until they come up with another pile of crap for next week. Rush Limbaugh and thousands of other radio talk show hosts, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the conservative television pundits and of course from the Well of Congress these talking points are pounded into our collective souls.
This week’s conservative talking point was presented by Little Billy Kristol, who more than anyone other than George Bush, is most responsible for the war in Iraq.
Conservative Talking Point for May 7th, 2007
The first Presidential Republican debate was debased, defiled, Unfair and Unbalanced because most questions were asked by members of the dishonest, biased, hypocritical Liberal Media. Issues debated by the candidates shall not be discussed as they mostly concerned advocating religious intolerance.

  • lilcheese71

    William Kristol should have been named after his father Irving, who is referred to as the “father of neo-conservatism.” He does not have any original thoughts. Everything he says or writes parrots his father. Too bad he cannot think for himself. Poor Irving, Jr.

  • Bubba

    Bla bla bla…
    Let me tell ya Jite, what you in your bong induced socialist liberal world call conservative talking points, are in the REAL WORLD called THE TRUTH.

    • Newscat

      I see it’s working very well, according
      to your world view, Bubba.

      Apparently the repetition of the same
      talking points over and over have a
      hypnotic effect.