Creationism, Lufo in “The Looking,” best CGI animated short of all time

Creationism, Lufo in "The Looking," best CGI animated short of all time Thank God for Lufo, in fact what we need is a Lufo Museum. A far better explanation of creation than Ken Ham with his Creation Museum in Idiotville, Kentucky where about 100% of those who think we once rode Dinosaurs also voted for Donald Trump.

Though I do think we tend to blame The Donald too much when it is Republicans, the party coalition of the stupid and the wealthy, who have caused the most pain to so many for so long. Heck, Trump has only been at it 50 days and really hasn’t done anything but piss off everyone in the world who is smarter than a boiled carrot.

I have been a fan of animation all my life. Something about the ability to take a story visually anywhere without limit. Then came CGI or Computer Generated Imagery that refined and made the animation of the past so real we no longer can tell the difference between it and reality. Which makes the idea of going anywhere the mind can take us even more exciting.

If you have the time just type in CGI SHORTS in Youtube and you are sure to find many that seem made just for you.

By the way, as there is little if any money in CGI shorts most all of it is done by students in film schools beyond America. Young students who have not yet joined the real world making it all them more interesting.