DACA Trump’s HAPPY Policies – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

DACA Trump's HAPPY Policies - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver finds Trump’s ‘tell.’ Like a Poker player who can’t hide the kind of hand he’s holding, Trump’s tell should be obvious to us by now. Are ya happy?  With Trump, ‘happy’ has nothing to do with cards, and everything to do with not having any answers. .Asked why he’s not leaving well enough alone with the Dreamers and DACA, Trump claims he will ‘make everyone happy.’ Happy is Trump’s standard answer. How will you replace Obamacare Mr. Trump? “Millions and millions are going to be so happy!”

John truly nails it, when he compares Trump’s “You’re going to be so happy” to a restaurant that advertises “You’re going to be so full”

Trump’s most recent twist is beyond promising happiness. Asked about meetings or plans that went poorly, he chimes “Everyone was very happy!”
John points out: “He may be able to lie that people will be happy in the future but we cannot let him lie that people were happy in the PAST.”