Daily Show Aasif Mandvi asks Florida Gov Scott PEE IN THIS JAR

First off, what a great law!  Republicans believe that if a person refuses to have the BIG INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT disregard  their individual freedom, liberty and dignity, then they will let their children starve. All in the name of BIG INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT.  

Secondly, so 2% of those tested came out positive. Any guesses as to which horrible addictive drug that would be? Hint – The same drug that 40% of college students have used. So here is an idea! Let’s drug test all Florida college students and if they refuse or fail, throw them out of school, today. 

Thirdly, thank the Lord there is one reasonable person around who put this crap on hold.

And lastly, it was ‘Newt Gingrich for President backer’ Florida’s Bill McCullum who in the 1990′s, with the help of that Gingrich Contract with American gang of Republicans, passed HR 666 which effectively changed the "probably cause" clause of the 4th Amendment to read "Good faith of the Police" in Republican BIG GOVERNMENT search and seizures. Which is partly responsible for the United States having more people in prison than any other nation on Earth. Here! Hear! We are still #1 in some things!

I wrote this little ditty because of that back then…

Start Today!

By admitting to the need of drug testing, we also admit that drugs do not affect the quality of one’s work. If someone is unproductive and drooling on the job, get rid of them, don’t suffer our society the indignity of exposing our genitals to strangers. And if drug use does not affect the work, it is no business of employers.

Stuck in a boring dead end job?

Want a career you can be proud of!

Want to meet new people in pleasant surroundings?

Have you no concept at all of the 4th Amendment?

Are you an out of work conservative Republican whose only skill is listening to Rush Limbaugh?

Do you enjoy looking at other people’s genitals?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you are ready to join the thousands of Americans who have made something of themselves by becoming:

Urine Specialists!

Thousands of companies large and small, including every facet of local, state and federal government need people like you to watch other people pee! Not only do you get the satisfaction of watching strangers drop their pants or lift their skirts to fill a jar, but you get to walk around all day in rubber gloves with steaming beakers of piss!  

Pee in a jar (or a bag or envelope) and send it to:

Republican National Committee
310 First Street
Washington, D. C. 20003