Daily Show Al Madrigal’s Cartel Smuggles Negative Ads to Mexico!


I have an idea!  How about NO TV ADS AT ALL!  If each side is going to spend a billion dollars on this election, where does that 2 billion dollars end up? You getting any of it? Who owns the networks and most all of the local TV stations these days?  The 1%… Hell no, the .01%.

I have spent a little time in Mexico during election time. Thing is, unlike us, Mexicans are not chained to their television sets. They are out on the streets in large groups socializing and speaking and letting their views be known to those around them. I also found that the Communist Party down there had the best PARTIES. Good music, lots of beer and of course a bottle of El Presidente on each table…. And nobody goes completely off their rockers because their is a communist party.

Al Madrigal smuggles negative ads to Mexico