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Daily Show Hasan Minhaj gives lessons on the Muslim hijab

Hasan Minhaj hijabI haven’t been to church in some time so I am no longer privy to whether the ladies are still required to wear headgear in church, is that still going on? How about Latin America? Rome? Does the Pope ever go head bare?

Speaking of head gear, when did cheap baseball caps become okay for everyone to wear? It it still okay? When did men stop having to wear hats to go out? Are all those guys who wear bandannas across their forehead and over the back bald? Is every man who wears a hat bald?

I’ll tell you one thing, a pretty scarf over a woman’s head is one hellova lot better than putting them in black bags with eye holes.

Just a few months ago I went down to the drive-on beach at San Luis Pass. On one side of me was a Muslim family with a few little girls wearing hijabs, I walked over with a 3 year old and 5 year old girl for them to play together. I asked about hijabs and hung out with them.

Suddenly the roar of one of these pickups with giant wheels pulled up beside us. Even before they put out the rods in their holders on the roof of the truck, they put up a 10 foot wide flag banner with a picture of an assault rifle and the words COME AND TAKE IT IF YOU DARE! They all wore those cheap baseball caps. My new Muslim friends left. So did I…

On the gun thing. The elephant in the room no one wants to address is that the guns don’t help against bad guys because the bad guy, being bad guys, will always have the drop on the good guys.

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