Daily Show John Oliver destroys gun enthusiast with simple logic

gun enthusiastsMost anything gun enthusiasts add to the argument is either dishonest, insane or total crap. As we can see here.
This one engages two issues that are at the top of the NRA crap list.

First is that gun controls don’t work.  Well they work just fine in Australia, England, Japan, and about 99% of the civilized world. Proven right to their faces to no effect other than confused dumb looks.

Secondly that criminals do not follow the law so there is no reason for having laws in the first place. This one we revisit ad nausea. But it took John Oliver only one simple metaphor to do this guy in.   “So if we cannot get rid of all drugs, then there is no point in having drug laws at all?”  Bingo. Stupid is as stupid does.

BTW, in fighting this battle now for almost 30 years online, receiving endless threats to myself and my children, I have finally come up with the proper name for these people. GUN ENTHUSIASTS.  You see, most every other moniker does not apply universally, gun nut, gun loon, gun owner, NRA member, nutcake, Glocksucker and so on.  Gun Enthusiast hits it on the head. Those people who put these most prolific tools of violence at the apex of their lives.  It is both an addiction and a sickness and a very sad defining factor of American culture that exists nowhere else on Earth.  It is not so much the laws, as it is than our gun culture that needs a massive format.  Which it looks like is now on the way.  How many more Sandy Hooks will it take God only knows.

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