Daily Show John Oliver, US Election spends $6 billion and creates jobs

john oliver more election spendingHere we have someone actually taking a look at Newt Gingrich’s belief that we do not spend enough money greasing hands in our political process. And a verification of the Conservative Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision.

What we need, Mr Oliver says, is constant electioneering. As  you know we do take time off from election politics. Every year from the first Wednesday in November until the first workday after New Years. That’s almost 2 months a year!  And then there are those odd years, we often take off most of that year off, but only every OTHER odd year when there is no Presidential election. Most other civilized countries have election rules, and campaigning only goes on for a few months before an election.

All the GOP crap about us being a socialist nation is crap, and we all know it, we are the LEAST socialist nation on the Planet. While on the other hand, America being a plutocracy controlled by the wealthy is true.  Ever notice that the GOP never talks about DEMOCRACY? Their catch phrases do not include the word. It’s Liberty (not for gays), Freedom (not for women), the the Republic and Federalism (states rights today, states rights tomorrow, states rights forever!). There is nothing new in this recent move of Republicans and their voter ID and reducing early voting laws. Conservatives have always done their best to suppress the vote. Especially the black vote.