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Daily Show Larry Wilmore, Jay-Z doesn’t care about black people

“Make up your mind America, you tell us to pull up our pants and then arrest us when we buy a belt?”

larry wilmore jay-zMy biggest problem with this one is that I don’t know who the Hell Jay-Z is. Is he the black guy that is marrying that white girl with the gigantic butt? I don’t know, none of these rap musicians play any instruments, all have short hair, gold dripping off them by the kilo, hats on backwards and all sound exactly the same. Which THAT ALONE makes them look so much alike I can’t tell them apart.

And why in the Hell is a college student buying a $300 belt and a nurse buying a $2500 purse? When I was in college I used my army belt until it wore out and then used a rope. In fact my fashion was wearing out my 5 sets of fatigues before I bought a pair of jeans.

Is this buying crazyass expensive crap a RESPECT thing? The more accessories cost the more respect you get?  Respect from whom?

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