Daily Show Larry Wilmore on Republican Voter Suppression laws

larry wilmore voter supressionIf blacks are going to be accused of voting illegally then what the hell, catch up and vote illegally!

These Republican driven voter ID laws are really obnoxious. To believe that a person, one person, would commit a felony by pretending to be someone they are not to cast ONE VOTE is beyond belief. TO WHAT END?  It’s ridiculous.  I hear they have not found ONE single case of a black person, an old person or a young person doing such a thing. What they have found is about .04% of voters falsely registered to vote, NOT VOTING. The only actual illegal voting is less than 1000 in the entire United States who were not citizens. Do that math, 1000 of 150 ,000,000. I think that’s one out of 150,000. Which would be .000015% or something. What is so telling about this issue, is that EVERYONE KNOWS the REPUBLICANS are openly and wantonly trying to suppress the minority vote and they don’t care if everyone knows it. It is what the do, it is what they are.