Daily Show: Richard Blum behind the Shelby County attack on Voting Rights Act

Shelby Country Alabama 2012 election results: Romeny 77% Obama 21%. A 55 point spread, one of the highest in the United States.

richard blumWell so much for that bullcrap driving all this these days, that racism is over because Obama won twice. One only has to look to Shelby Country Alabama. Or the rest of the states and countries on the RACISM LIST.  But what about Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida in trying to the same things the old confederate states did? Add them to the list. And do it now before 2014 election.

Richard Blum has dedicated his life to the destruction of affirmative action through the courts. It is his life's work. Think of a white version of Ward Connerly – though Ward Connerly himself doesn't know he is black.

An investment banker from San Diego, Richard Blum  moved to Houston in the 1990's to run for office as an advocate for white people, though he plays that absurd semantic game that race should not be a factor in anything at all because it's unfair to white people.

After a few resounding election losses and making a name for himself as the politically correct version of David Duke, Blum moved to Washington DC and found “The Project for Fair Representation”, joined the conservative American Enterprise Institute and is funded by the conservative organization Donors Trust. He spends his life as a surrogate using the courts to do everything in his power to make life harder for people of color. Sorry, I guess that was bad semantics. To make life fairer for white people who have historically been treated so unfairly in America.