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Daily Show Samantha Bee joins Sister Simone Campbell’s Network Nun Gang

Lookout MS13! The Network Nuns have taken to the streets.  They are helping poor people!  They don’t care if people are gay or not, or even Catholic or not!  The former here in America means they are Marxists,while the latter at the Vatican means the rebellion must be squashed, after all, non Catholics don’t send money to the Pope.

There was another Nun in the news not long ago who dedicated her life to ending Capital Punishment here in the Land of Table Crucifictions. And neither of these Nuns look like penguins carrying sticks to clobber children with as they once did. Indeed, THE CHURCH had best nip this in the bud. Next thing you know these “possible communist lesbians” may give more of their time and effort to actual  children rather than potential children. The horror of that can only be counted in raw GigaGomers.

sam bee joins nun gang

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